Forest Stewardship

Responsible stewardship is woven into the fiber of Campbell Global’s culture. To us, stewardship is defined as the conscientious and responsible management of a resource entrusted to our care. CG is a steward to:

  • Our team;
  • Our clients' capital;
  • The forest assets consisting of trees, water, soils, vegetation, fish and wildlife that sustain healthy forest ecosystems and protect and encourage biodiversity; and
  • The communities that depend on the forest assets for jobs, recreation, fresh air, clean water and wildlife.

We pursue a program of environmental excellence through active enrollment in federal, state, and local policymaking to maximize long-term value of our clients' assets. Our stewardship includes participation in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®, a program that works with foresters, conservationists, and scientists who support sustainable forestry practices.

To further illustrate our commitment to stewardship, we became signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (“PRI”) in 2016. Our participation as a signatory of PRI underscores our philosophy of continual improvement of our forest practices to optimize the use of resources and minimize, or eliminate, the impact of our operations on the environment. Working forests are a long-term investment and sustainable long-term returns are underpinned by healthy ecosystems, thriving communities, and robust local economies.

Our foresters represent our culture of responsible stewardship daily in the managing of our clients' timberlands. Foresters support the integrity of the asset (e.g. healthy forests and well-maintained roads), and implement enhancement projects that are environmentally beneficial for non-timber resources such as water quality, protection and enhancement of biodiversity, fish and wildlife habitat. We also believe part of our stewardship responsibilities include a commitment to recognize and respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples.


As an organization, we continually strive to improve our stewardship practices.

Campbell Global supports sustainability across the forests we manage. Our stewardship of the lands we manage will lead to healthy forest ecosystems and improved investment value. To that end, we pursue the following goals and strategies:

  • Practice a balanced and responsible land ethic that reflects our environmental and investor responsibility.
  • Manage forests in ecologically, geologically, historically, and visually significant areas in a manner that considers these values.
  • Use credible science and technology to sustain forest management.
  • Protect the forest resources that we manage from wildfire, insects, disease, and other damaging agents.
  • Manage forest resources to maintain or improve their health and productivity.
  • Anticipate adverse situations and manage forestlands to reduce the risk both to the resource and to the owner.
  • Perform successful reforestation on harvested forestland.
  • Strengthen education and communication efforts to improve understanding of forest resources.
  • Provide recreation opportunities consistent with private landowner rights and objectives.
  • Provide for a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Meet or exceed the forest management regulations of individual states.