Our Mission

Be the preferred provider of timberland investment and management services.

Provide our clients with quality service and management of their timberlands – in every way exceed expectations.

Provide each employee a challenging work environment, a sense of belonging, and the empowerment to make decisions.

Generate superior returns and create value for our clients in a responsible way.

Values We Live By

Five shared values capture the essence of Campbell Global. These values are woven into the corporate mission and objectives and provide a common ground for employees, regardless of background or geographic location. These shared values are threads, visible throughout the fabric of the company. They are reflected continually in the way we conduct our business, manage the forest, and reward ourselves.


We are honest, fair, and straightforward with our clients and employees. We genuinely care about people...our employees, their families, and our clients...we have earned and are proud of their loyalty.


We believe we are the best in the field of timber acquisition and management. Quality comes from the people that make up the Campbell Global team, and is a measure of excellence involving consistency and accuracy of work. We believe that the combined strengths of our employees result in a high performing team.


We intend to exceed the expectations of our clients, establish new standards for the land we manage, and integrate our employees into a positive, productive work environment.


We believe long-term growth is the result of providing excellent service. Growth provides an opportunity for the employees as well as the company. We encourage our employees in their efforts to improve and grow in proficiency in their present jobs and to prepare for advancement.


We want our employees to enjoy and have satisfaction with their jobs.