Press Release


Campbell Global Announces the Promotion of Dave Rumker and Rodney Howell

It is with great pleasure that Campbell Global announces the promotion of Dave Rumker to the new position of Managing Director of Timberland Management and Rodney Howell to Director of Resource Planning.

Dave Rumker will lead three key areas within Campbell Global namely, the operations group, resource planning, and economic research. Importantly, in this new role, Dave will work at a strategic level in each area having three direct reports who will take the lead on executing daily activities within each area. Stephen Levesque in his role as Director of Operations will be the focal point for the operations teams with clear reporting lines to Stephen who will report directly to Dave. Rodney Howell has been promoted to Director of Resource Planning (RP) and will lead the activities in RP and also report to Dave. Bruce Glass, our Senior Forest Economist rounds out Dave's team of direct reports.

We are asking much of Dave in his new role but are pleased to note that Dave is more than qualified to meet the demands. In addition to leading the efforts noted above, Dave has now joined the Campbell Global Board of Directors. He remains the key advisor for the operations side of OneFortyOne Plantations in Australia, the Chair of our Price Forecast Team, a member of the Investment Committee, an Executive Team member and is an essential part of our outreach efforts for new and existing clients.

Dave Rumker
Dave has been with the firm for 22 years and since joining has lead our Resource Planning group (which included the valuation group for many years). He has been the lead of our research and economic team and was the interim CEO of our Australian company during the pre and post startup phase of that operation. Dave continues to bring a considerable skill level in each area he touches and as you can see from the number of areas of involvement, Dave will be working at a much higher level of involvement at Campbell Global.

Rodney Howell
Rodney joined Campbell Global in 2007, following our acquisition of Temple Inland. Prior to that, Rodney led Temple Inland's Applied Technology Team. He led three teams at Temple including Data Management, Forest Information Systems, and Inventory and Forest Research. Initially, Rodney served as Crown Pine's Planning Analyst and subsequently relocated his family to Portland in 2010 to take on responsibilities as Resource Planning's GIS Manager. Over a short period of time, Rodney has fully embraced the Campbell Global business model and has developed quite a following across the organization, in a large part due to his commitment to leadership, his character and his dedication to results. His passion for leading and growing personnel to increase their value to both themselves and the business is foundational to who he is.

As Director of Resource Planning, Rodney will be leading a very accomplished, well-established, mature, performance-focused Resource Planning team. Rodney is highly respected by the Resource Planning Team. In his new role, Rodney will be responsible for providing leadership for resource planning, inventory, GIS and forest research.