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Campbell Group Honored with Fish and Wildlife Steward Award

PORTLAND, OR - A forest restoration project managed by The Campbell Group was one of five projects honored with a 2004 Fish and Wildlife Steward Award. The Campbell group is a Portland, Oregon, based timberland investment management company. The award, co-sponsored by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission and the Oregon Board of Forestry, recognizes forest landowners who implement the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds by improving fish and wildlife resources through their forest stewardship activities

The award acknowledged restoration activities along a 2.5 mile stretch of Leitel Creek, a tributary to Tahkenitch Lake near Florence, Oregon. The creek contains some of the most important Coho salmon spawning habitat in the Tahkenitch basin. The project involved decommissioning a road adjacent to the creek, removing a bridge and several corrugated metal culverts and other barriers to fish passage, and placing large wood structures in the stream to create pools for spawning. The award was presented in the Industrial Forest Lands/Northwest Oregon category and recognized Pacific West Timber Company, which owns the land, The Campbell Group, which manages the land, and Paul Chapman, The Campbell Group's area manager for Oregon properties.

"The contributions of Mr. Chapman, Pacific West Timber Company and The Campbell Group on this project and through their continuing support of watershed restoration efforts truly exemplify what the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds is all about," said Marla Rae, chair of the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission. She added that Chapman worked with neighboring forest landowners to develop an alternative transportation network that uses a ridge-top road instead of the road adjacent to Leitel Creek.

Funding for the project came from an Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board grant, Pacific West Timber Company and the Campbell Group.

The Campbell Group ( is a full-service timberland investment management organization. It serves institutional investors, including endowments and public pension plans, managing more than 875,000 acres of forestland valued at $1.4 billion in Oregon, Washington, California and Alabama.