Beliefs and Values of Campbell Global

With the death of George Floyd on May 25th and the cascade of events since that day, it is appropriate that our firm state where it stands. This single event, while unjustified and tragic is only one in a long history of racial tension, hostility and inequality. We want to be a part of making a difference for change.

Campbell Global believes in equity, fairness and justice. In our culture, social justice is essential and exclusion is not tolerated. Racism, in any form, is deplorable. Injustice is not accepted. Prejudice must be overcome. Bias must be recognized and eliminated. Our Company serves others. We serve our clients, our employees and the communities where we live. This set of beliefs and values have always been at the core of our Company, but we know we need to do more.

We know people not only have the right to protest, but believe citizens should speak up peacefully against injustice and in support of change, especially for matters which are inherently wrong, such as racism and undue force and brutality. Campbell Global is committed to do all we can to create a future which is steeped in equity, fairness and justice.

We can all be a part of the changes that are needed. One way is to not let the unrest that is happening around us pass without rethinking what needs to change. Racism is a problem that has long existed and we cannot turn away from this reality. It does affect all of us. We can each play a part in positive change through our actions, our practices, our giving, our reactions, our empathy and our support.